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IoT with AME - The Internet of Things, with Arduino, MQTT, and ESP8266

Voltage controller (left), status LED (RGB; top), Arduino (top right), ESP8266 (bottom right, on adapter) - My standard hardware stack

This is work in progress started in June 2017 - I am in the process of typing out my experiences with IoT, Arduino, and ESP8266, as a documentation for myself and as something that might be helpful to others.

  • The AME Stack - A compact software and hardware stack to build MQTT-connected IoT devices
  • My IoT projects - What I built over time (plenty!)
  • MQTT - A protocol for connecting IoT devices
  • Software: Libraries for devices and capabilities, and access on MQTT-, TCP-, WLAN-, and chip level
  • Software Problems: C++ and very small memory pose diverse challenges
  • Hardware: Arduino, ESP8266, and additional hardware
  • Hardware Problems: Bugs are not limited to software - plain electricity can be tricky, too!
  • Challenges - How to overcome hardware and software limitations
  • IoT Management - How to manage an IoT installation
  • To Do - What I would like to improve and add in this Wiki

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