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My IoT Projects - What I Built Over Time


  • AC.balcony - Measures temperature, humidity, soil moisture, brightnessy and atmospheric pressure. Controls balcony plants watering system supplied from container.
  • AC.camper - Measures temperature and humidity in the camper van parked outside in the yard. Sends alarms from two motion sensors. Will be upgraded to relaying information from the solar charger obtained via ModBus. Connected to the Internet via mobile internet WLAN router.
  • AC.clock - RGB LED ring showing time as lit pixels, adapted to ambient brightness. Gets time updates via MQTT.
  • AC.gadget-7Segment - Counting up with 7 segment displays (6 digits) salvaged from a long lost calculator. IO multiplexing with shift registers.
  • AC.gadget-15Segment - Showing a scrolling text on 15 segment displays (5 digits) I got from a friend IN THE 80s (gasp!). IO multiplexing with three 8 bit shift registers.
  • AC.gardenControl - Measures inside temperature, inside humidity, outside temperature, outside humidity, and soil moisture at our garden plot about 2km from home. Controls watering system supplied from ground water pump. Connected via mobile internet WLAN router.
  • AC.gardenPower - Controls outside and inside lighting of the hut on our garden plot. Uses motion sensors to control outside lighting and send alarms.
  • AC.home - A wall-mounted "terminal" with touch screen LCD to show outside temperature etc.
  • AC.home2 - A 4 x 20 character LCD display in a box (desktop, shelf) displaying sets of data such as temperature, humidity for balcony, garden, camper van.
  • AC.power - Switches up to 8 power outlets on and off. I am using a number of these throughout to house to, in example, control lighting.
  • AC.programmer - An Arduino ISP/ logger with a LCD Screen
  • AC.rgui - A "remote GUI" (LCD) that can receive pixel data in rectangular portions, in example to serve as WLAN-fed picture frames
  • AC.signal - Controls a full size train signal replica (showing symbols "off", "full ahead", "slow ahead", "stop")
  • AC.ticker - A LED ticker tape. Text and speed can be controlled remotely.


  • AC.balcony 2.0 - Wind sensor (direction, strength) and a rain gauge
  • - Report on stove plate and fridge temperature
  • AC.power - Add temperature reporting to control the temperature in the camper van and garden plot hut, using an electric heater
  • AC.train - Controls my G-gauge garden train. Instead of supplying power and DCC control through the rails (which I found to be very flaky due to oxidation of the rails outside), the trains get powered by rechargeable batteries and controlled through MQTT via WLAN. An older prototype based on a 433GHz radio connection and a proprietary protocol is already working.