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The AME Stack

AME Design Goals

Functional design goals:

  • Support deployment of multiple devices of the same kind, without having to change the configuration in multiple files
  • Simply add standard-capabilities like measuring temperature or switching a relay to a device
  • Provide status information for debugging and operations, without consuming too much memory and processing time

Architectural design goals:

  • Have MQTT interface with TCP, not with the ESP8266
  • Use streaming instead of a chain of buffers, as buffers are limited and awkward to handle (make them too big and memory is gone; make them too small and you'll get overruns)
  • I want my code to be readable by humans. And, yes, this can be done. Even in the limited Arduino environment. Without compromising speed and memory consumption.

Hardware design goals:

  • As little wiring as possible, as wiring is tiring after when assembling multiple devices

The AME Stack